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Get the Glow Treatment everyone raves about. Ms. Charlotte Wilson has now formulated the glow lotion treatment for at-home use for 18 years and older. Now you can get our popular VIP Glow Treatment from the comfort of your own...
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Get the Glow Treatment everyone raves about. Ms. Charlotte Wilson has now formulated the glow lotion treatment for at-home use for 18 years and older. Now you can get our popular VIP Glow Treatment from the comfort of your own home formulated for safe and gentle home use.

This amazing treatment preps skin for an instant glow. This fast-absorbing treatment delivers an instant rush of hydration to visibly soften, nourish, and improve texture. This gentle treatment gives skin an instant clean glow all while addressing dark marks, old cells, and dull skin.  It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles all while giving your skin an instant amazing GLOW. The treatment is gentle enough to apply with your bare hands all while formulated with ingredients that offer amazing results. 

.5 ounce bottle contains enough product for 3 treatments if used properly.  Keep at room temperature at all times. Make sure the top is securely closed after each use.  Do not apply around the eyes.  

New York, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Florida, and all other cities.  You don't have to fly to Los Angeles anymore.  It's available for your personal use.

Best For:

**Dark Spots
**Uneven Tone
**Age Spots / Sun Spots
**Fine Lines / Wrinkles
** Acne / Oily Skin

  • Exfoliate the skin.
  • Brighten skin.
  • Fade acne scars, marks from ingrown hairs, etc.
  • Deep clean pores of oils and dirt on the body.
  • Brighten skin.
  • Stimulate collagen production for a more youthful glow to the skin. 
  • Overall rejuvenation.

Key Ingredients:

** Glycolic Acid
** Witch Hazel
** Vitamin A, C, E
** Green Tea Extract
** Tea Tree Oil
** Licorice Root Extract 

Recommend using once a month, night only. Once opened, the product is good for 3 months as long as the top is sealed correctly.  Apply any of Glow Skin Enhancement night cream moisturizers and/or night serum to keep your skin glowing. 

In the following days, it's extremely important to wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure.

This product may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use our sunscreen, and limit sun exposure while using this product for a week afterward.

This product has little to no downtime and typically does not produce visible peeling. The skin may be a bit tight and shiny or reddish for a few hours but will fade. You can resume exfoliation after one week.

What Is This:

This VIP Glow Lotion treatment product is an exfoliator mostly derived from Sugar Cane, which safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, brings fresh new skin to the surface. This is beneficial for those who are looking for ingredients that help with anti-aging, sun spots, or age spots.  It also helps acne-prone and blackhead-prone skin. This product is safe for all skin tones and is best for normal/dry/combination skin types.


How To Use:

.5oz VIP Glow Lotion Treatment contain 2-3 applications

VIP Glow Treatment can be repeated every 2 weeks.

Please read complete instructions that arrive with your VIP Glow Lotion Treatment prior to applying Treatment. They are also available here online.


Step 1: Wash the skin with any Glow Skin Enhancement Face wash and pat dry. 
Step 2: Apply the Glow Lotion Treatment with fingers all over the skin (excluding the eye area) to ensure the skin is properly covered. Use fingers and rub gently in a circular motion to penetrate the lotion into the pores.  Do not rub hard. Be gentle and smooth it over the face area.
Step 3: Allow the Glow Lotion Treatment to set for no more than 2-4 minutes during the first application. Observe the reaction and note the results. During future treatments, you may increase the Glow Lotion Treatment time up to a full 7 minutes. If the skin feels uncomfortable, apply a cool water gauze towel to calm the sensation.  Note:  There will be a sensation that will calm down within minutes.
Step 4: Remove the Glow Lotion Treatment by applying a cool, wet soft face cloth wiping gently in a circular motion. Continue to rinse cloth and repeat until all lotion is removed. Rinse face with cool water at the end and gently pat the skin dry.
Step 5. Apply Glow Skin Enhancement anti-aging NIGHT SERUM
Step 6: Follow with Glow Skin Enhancement night moisturizer of your choice.

The next day, in the morning please follow a regular morning routine.  Just be gentle when washing your face for at least 2 days.

Click Link Below To View Video Instructions Below: Coming Soon! 

VIP Glow lotion treatment how to use instruction card

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VIP GLOW FACE TREATMENT (at home safe) Peel

VIP GLOW FACE TREATMENT (at home safe) Peel

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