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“I Have Been Blessed With The Gift Of Healing Skin” - Charlotte Wilson

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Charlotte Wilson is the CEO and Founder of Glow Skin Enhancement, which provides high-quality skincare products for all skin conditions and types. She is a native of Arkansas and resides in Los Angeles, California. Spending most of her earlier career in the entertainment industry in front of the camera, her need to look "flawless" motivated her to focus on the skin. After more than 20 years of researching and developing various skin care products, she created the perfect formula that gives your skin a Flawless Radiant Glow. For over a decade, she has been privately treating skin problems, educating others about the importance of skincare, and building a credible, top-rated company.

Glow Skin Enhancement is based in Los Angeles, California, and has serviced some of your favorite celebrities, including Lisa Raye, Meagan Good, Amber Rose, Normani, Vanessa Simmons, Blac Chyna, Niecy Nash, Jon B, Cynthia Bailey, Ricky Bell, Lil Kim, Muni Long, Kym Whitley, Porsha Williams, Nikita Dragun, Ms. E (Evelyn Braxton) and her daughters, Toni, Towanda, Tamar, Trina, the late Traci Braxton, and many more! Ms. Wilson's business continues to grow as she released her first authorized Glow Skin Enhancement Skin development as Underneath Skin Care to Tikeria Taylor, aka Ti Taylor, a member of the musical duo Taylor Girls. Underneath Skin Care launched in December 2020 and sold over 50,000 kits with Glow Skin Enhancement personal acne ingredients formulated by Ms. Wilson. Unfortunately, the partnership ended in June 2022 before Ti Taylor's new launch; Ms. Wilson also loaned her formula to Vegan Godd3ss Lola Monroe, Jonathan Evans, aka Alex Jarrius, Right by Men, Towanda Braxton (Lady Bug & T Braxton Skincare) and many more. She no longer shares her formula, produces or fulfills skincare products for those lines. However, she has a few new launches coming in 2024. Ms. Wilson wants to focus more on giving back while quietly turning it over to her adult children.

With over ten years of experience and serving as a formulator, private label, distributor, wholesaler, and drop shipper, Ms. Wilson can fulfill her mission to educate others on the causes of skin damage and ways to protect the skin. Her customized approach promotes skin renewal and restoration, all while enhancing skin tone. This company is known for giving all skin types a more youthful glow.  "Join The Journey To Flawless Glowing Skin"



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