I’ve had vitiligo since I was 10 years old It started out as a little spot on my right eye that eventually grew & circled around both eyes, in the picture above you can see that there is a lot of discoloration around my eye where it was once completely white. I managed to regain pigment using what my dermatologist prescribed but my pigment never completely came back and it left this cobble stone appearance which made often made me feel embarrassed to go outside bare faced. I also started struggling with acne as an adult which I never had before so I felt even more self conscious about my skin, not only was I dealing with vitiligo but acne too!! I used to feel like I was trapped underneath all that makeup. One day while working Ms Charlotte came in as a client and while talking to her she told me she had cured patients of eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo. She had no idea I even had vitiligo because I had on makeup. I was shy to ask her how she can cure it but I did anyway & she told me she knows what my skin needs and to come in for a treatment. I was hesitant because honestly I have a love & hate relationship with my skin I love that it makes me different and that’s it’s so unique looking but it has spread before & can possibly spread to other parts of my body because it is a life long condition. I told Ms. Charlotte I wanted to treat uneven skin tone & my acne that won’t go away first. The first pic was the first day after Charlotte treated me 8 weeks ago, you can see that my skin badly broken out and my skin tone was very uneven. Using the products she gave me & sticking to my skin care routine has changed my face. I am now able to confidently go out without makeup or anything that covers my face now that my skin is looking better. I also rarely have breakouts now and the best part of all is that my skin tone looks a lot more even in only 8 weeks! I will def be continuing to use the products for even more results & as soon as quarantine is over Ms. Charlotte will be treating the un pigmented areas to gain more of my melanin back.  @ehbunnyb
Hi Ms. Charlotte,
Just wanted you to know I’m on my second order of the “Hand & Feet Cream” your products are Excellent!! I'm totally shocked; I’ve tried dermatologist and various expensive cream spas on my dark hands & knuckles... your products are the first & only thing to work! A Miracle Product. You have me as a lifetime dedicated customer!! You’re a Godsend🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Lizette W

It’s been a while since I have used your products and I can see a huge change in my skin! When I was using ur products my skin was super clean, super healthy looking, very bright, Smooth, couldn’t feel anything out of place on my skin!!!! First I ordered the women introduction package, that was amazing, then when I finished that I order the toner package, they both worked very well, so now it’s been a couple of month since I have used glow skin, and I desperately need to restart my journey!!!

Hi Ms. Charlotte!!!! I love your products!!!! It’s only been two weeks and my skin has changed drastically ! It’s still not where I want it to be but I’m definitely loving the results. I wanted to personally thank you for creating this amazing skin care line that caters to women of color. I’m sending you some pictures !
-Happy Customer 
I just wanted to share this with you. I have been using your lip lightening kit for a little over a week and I’m amazed at the results already. I thought this was an insecurity I would live with for the rest of my life and I’m so happy I was referred to you. I can’t wait for my face products  - Happy Customer 
First off let me say I have tried many eye creams for my eyes which I've been struggling with for years. So when I came across this product the DARK CIRCLE REMOVER I really didn't think it would work but boy was I wrong. After just 4 weeks my eyes are much brighter and the darkness under my eyes is gone. I am really in shock thanks glow skin! 
- Echo Summer
THANKS TO YOU LIP CREAM! amazing!! my lips are back to their original color- 
Hi ! I just wanted to THANK you guys so much for the help. I would like to stay anonymous if you do end up posting my results. I just wanted to say I’ve been battling with darker lips for a very long time and obviously it’s unattractive for females to have that problem, I wore lipstick every single day to hide my dark lips. I ordered the sample lip lightening I received it January 17th and today is feb 9th less than a month and here are my results after using this product every night and morning !!! I’m so thankful & I have stopped wearing lipstick ever since I started seeing my results! I can’t wait to order the full size one to see the full results ! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME WITH MY CONFIDENCE.
These literally saved my skin and changed my life. The staff is so personable and the owner is an amazing woman. I'll never use Proactiv again -Michael Fanning
I met the owner's daughter while out socializing one evening and she gave me a sample of her mother's products. I tried the day cream, night cream, and moisturizer. Loved the smell, texture, and consistency of the products...AND the small sample she gave me actually worked in a short period of time. My skin was glowing and my tone was starting to even out. I ran out of the product and unfortunately misplaced the packaging so I couldn't contact her for more.... But thank God for Facebook! I finally found her online and now my skin can get back to looking fabulous! - Quan Lanae Green
I want to take this time FB to shout out Charlotte Wilson CEO of Glow Skin Enhancements. Those of you who didn't know back in July 2017 I was informed of my Gluten allergy aka Celiac disease which was difficult to accept, challenging to adhere to at first, and understand. One day I unfortunately consumed a food product that contained hidden Gluten substance that I was unaware of and I experienced a severe allergic reaction. I broke out in hives all over my arms, legs, and my face broke out in rash like bumps all over my face. Charolette Wilson saw me walking that same day and offered me a sample of her products. She challenged me to use her products for 5 days consecutively and that my rash and blemishes etc would disappear. Well that's what I did and let me tell you!!!!.... my skin has never been the same. My skin glows more than ever and YES my rash cleared up within 24 hrs!!! I highly recommend her products and services to anyone in the #Houston #SoCal #ATL area who suffer from skin problems or acne etcThank you truly - Jerressia Edwards
One of the best decisions I have ever made was to purchase Glow Skin Enhancement products. My face has never felt this good. I feel the glow all day long. Thank you Charlotte for creating the perfect formula for my skin.
-Kamala Dunn-Jolliff

I have to say by far this is the best product I have come across. As of recent I have been dealing with a lot of adult acne as well as back to back lupus flares (butterfly rash). Honestly my skin has been really messed up. I reach out to Creator and Owner of Glow Skin Enhancement and I have to say she cares about her clients and potential clients she went out her way to make sure I would be able to experience her products to the fullest. I've only been using her products for a few days and my husband noticed the difference already. Ladies the night serum is EVERYTHING!!!!! Im just so excited to know this summer my skin will be glowing and youthful again! To my luppie sisters this product works for us, give this product a chance your skin deserves it. -Melissa Nichelle

Testimony for this awesome product Glow Skin Enhancement...I had a scar close to my right temple from a bad curling iron burn a couple of years ago. After using your products for 30 days it was gone!!! Thank you! -Angela M. Smith
I have tried many products to eliminate the appearance of dark spots, acne and sun damage. I covered up my flaws with makeup every day. Wearing makeup to workout at the gym was not a good look. Nor allowing others to have face-to-face convo’s with me, afraid that they would reveal my darkest secrets; so I avoided. I was desperate and I needed INSTANT BEAUTY immediately.
I was introduced and educated on Glow Skin Enhancement Introduction Package for Women skincare products by Charlotte Wilson. After my initial consultation, the one important fact that scared the HELL out of me was hearing, “Damaged skin grows older with us and stays attached onto our skin, making our skin look older, darker and damaged.” I said, “Oh no, not me!” I only had to hear that one time and I began the Glow Skin Enhancement Introduction package regimen immediately.
I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on skincare products in the past and received no results, but after the first week of using Glow Skin Enhancement products I quickly saw my skin turnover and my dark spots lightened to the point of it vanishing from my face. The exfoliation process was literally lifting layers of old dark skin off my face, leaving it more vibrant and radiant each day. Let’s just say that after using the products for more than 3 weeks, I was motivated and determined to continue the products and not abuse my skin ever again. A year later, I'm feeling and lookong great! 40 is the New 20! Thank you Charlotte!
-Twin of A Kind

Thanks to Charlotte, & Glow Skin Enhancement, I love my skin again! I now, will leave the house without makeup & feel confident!! She is the best!!
-Charre Hudson

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and allowing our paths (Charlotte Wilson and myself) to cross by way of one of her dynamic reps (Cecilia J.). I have suffered through acne and its awful scars since puberty. Kids can be cruel in school if you don't look like how they think you should. I have acne scars and thorough Glow skin enhancement products my confidence grows. People started to notice within 10 days that I looked different,(I told no one in advance) They think I am wearing makeup!!! I highly recommend this product and believe in it completely. So much so that when I am able I have bought some kits to give away to other ladies who are not financially able, who have skin issues and would benefit from it. My way of giving back. I have tried countless skin care products over my 53 years and lost mega dollars behind them, they failed to work, they made my skin worse. If my story is familiar, please try Glow skin enhancement, YOU are worth it and it Does work!! -Bonnie Wells

The best skin products I have ever used. Awesome! -Sharon Williams

Drea Kelly
“Thank you for creating a skincare regimen that will not only revolutionize the way we care for our skin but a line that preserves our beauty.” -  Drea Kelly, Hollywood Exes

Amazing Amazing simply Amazing this product line is everything and more I have tired so many products to no avail but when ran across Lisa Ray'S page and how she maintained such gorgeous skin over the years I had to try it for myself and boy oh boy I'm on my third month and my skin is beautiful again I get so many compliments on how great my skin looks and the glow that the sun screen gives all I can say is thank you thank you thank you Charlotte and Glow skin enhancements blessings in abundance -

Bernice Davis





I was introduced to GSE at a recent women's retreat by two remarkable ladies that were both using the product and allowed me to sample it. I can honestly say after one use, my skin felt different and I had to get the product in my hands!! I've been using for a month now, both day and night and I'm extremely pleased with the results. GSE, I'm a fan for life!! - Lequitta Watters Can You Say GONE?
Words can not express how grateful I am for GSE. I had convinced myself that I would be stuck with acne as well as the acne marks for the rest of my life. I was fed up with going to Doctors only for the products to half work if they worked at all and let's not talk about the side effects of all of those drugs over the years and for what? GSE hands down has been the biggest blessing of my like. After fighting acne for over years, I can finally walk around with NO makeup on ANNNNDDDDDDD get compliments on my skin...a great and weird experience, lol. I've learned that bad skin is like loosing weight, your confidence goes up and you stand in the mirror saying wow, that's me. All of this in 2 weeks time. Thank you again GSE for using your Godly gift and sharing with us all. Love you.​ - Kim Tumey
  One of the best investments I've made was to purchase Glow Skin Enhancement. I cannot stop looking at my face! The results are AMAZING!!! I am so thankful to Cecilia Jefferson for introducing me to Glow Skin Enhancement. Her transformation inspired me to invest in my skin, and I am happy that I did!! After 3 weeks of using Glow Skin Enhancement, I noticed the dark spots on my cheeks had faded! Glow Skin Enhancement gave me the confidence to leave my house without any need for foundation and concealer. Charlotte Wilson, you are truly AMAZING, and I thank you!!! And Ladies, be prepared to show your natural glowing skin. You will NOT regret it!!!! - Rosa Salgado
I was going to a celebrity dermatologist I saw on Oprah in New York and although she was a great doctor the products she gave me to use did not work on the dark spots I had on my face..since using glow skin for only two weeks now I can see the spots disappearing already. I hate wearing makeup so I am super excited that I will be able to go back to wearing my beautiful healthy spot free face without all of the gunky makeup on it... Thanks Ms. Charlotte for finding the answer FINALLY - Felice Floyd



I must say that glow skin enhancement products are absolutely amazing! I started using the product when I purchased it at Stacey J Live365 women's empowerment conference. I saw results after two weeks but after a month I noticed a big change in my skin! So many people have complimented me on my skin and how much I'm glowing and several have started using the product themselves and are seeing awesome results! I was never a big fan of makeup mainly because I d know how to apply it but it's definitely not needed at all now. Thank you Mrs Charlotte for glow skin enhancement products! - Laquanah


I'm From New Orleans . Charlotte was extremely helpful and as soon as she saw my skin she recommend the enhancement package which work instantly. I have acne that comes in and out and this works extremely well. I also love that the product is soft and natural feeling!!! Love it must Get!!! - Kiara


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