Y SPA offers VaG wall CLEANSE. Secure Shipping! Home Use!!

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This is a must have for all WOMEN!! This custom mixed douche solution is designed to use once a year. Our VaG wall Cleanse includes a custom mixed liquid solution for feminine hygiene. This amazing solution was designed by Ms. Charlotte...

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This is a must have for all WOMEN!! This custom mixed douche solution is designed to use once a year. Our VaG wall Cleanse includes a custom mixed liquid solution for feminine hygiene. This amazing solution was designed by Ms. Charlotte Wilson aka The Skin Godd. This special mixture includes vitamins and minerals that cleanses the vaginal area. It eliminates odors (Guaranteed) and also helps prevent infections and controls sweating. Unlike other douching solutions, Glow Skin Enhancement’s solution does not include fragrances or any chemicals that could irritate.

This douche has been exclusively sold for over 3 years and used by over 500 women exclusively mixed by Glow Skin Enhancement. 


No More Pantie Liners Needed!!! Ever Again!!!

Glow Skin Enhancement has decided to offer this to all women.

Ms. Wilson wants all women to experience the “VaG-Gift”.


Keep in mind this is not a douche for weekly or monthly use.  It's a douche for once a year.  



What are the instructions for the douche?

Are there any restrictions?   Don't worry ladies, there are no restrictions.  You can sit in your jacuzzis or pool.   Continue your normal life.  It's just a cleanser.  However, I do recommend skipping sexual intercourse the night you use the douche.
This douche is formulated to use once a year for most.  Our douche is safe to use every three months for very active women.
What are normal side effects?    It's no different than using a summer's eve douche.  However you may feel a cooling or warm sensation.  Please do not become alarmed,  it's normal to feel that sensation.  Trust the process and enjoy the clean feeling like never before.


A douche is a device used to introduce a jet of water to the inside of a part of the body so that it can be washed. Douching is done for either medical or hygiene reasons.

Many women use a douche to try to get rid of vaginal odor and believe that doing so helps to keep the vagina clean.

While as many as 1 in 5 women between 15 and 44 years old are thought to practice douching regularly, it can have unpleasant and even dangerous consequences.

Fast facts on douches and douching:
Douching is used to flush out, rinse, or clean any body cavity.
There are alternative and safer ways to ensure the vagina stays healthy and clean.

Douching can mask underlying health problems and make them worse.
(Glow Skin Enhancement Douche is a One Time A Year Use)

Why are douches used?

Vaginal douching involves filling a bottle or bag with water and squirting this upward into the vagina.

Women sometimes choose to mix the water with other fluids, such as vinegar, or to buy douching products that may contain ingredients, such as baking soda, iodine, antiseptics, or fragrance.

Women state that they use a douche for the following reasons:

to get rid of unpleasant odors in the vagina
to prevent pregnancy
to wash away bodily fluids, such as menstrual blood or semen
to reduce the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection
Despite this, douching has not been shown to achieve any of these aims.

Is douching safe?
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology state that women should not use douches.

The vaginal flora is the bacteria in the vagina. This keeps the vagina healthy and prevents infection. A woman’s vagina is ‘self-cleaning’ and can maintain the correct pH balance without interference.

Douching can remove good bacteria from the vagina. Using a douche can change its pH balance, allow bad bacteria to multiply, and infections, irritations, raw skin, and more severe complications to occur.

Glow Skin is aware of all these facts! Trust this process and you will thank me later


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Y SPA offersVaG wall CLEANSE. Secure Shipping!Home Use!!

Y SPA offersVaG wall CLEANSE. Secure Shipping!Home Use!!

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