21 Day Clear Skin Challenge

Glow Skin Enhancement 21 Day Challenge

Are You Up For The Skin Care Challenge?

Join the Glow Skin Enhancement 21 Day Clear Skin Challenge for a chance to win your very own SKIN CARE LINE, manufactured by Glow Skin Enhancement

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Glow Skin Enhancement CEO Ms.Charlotte Wilson is giving you the opportunity to start your very own skin care line! She will select 6 winners! 


How To Enter: 

1.) Purchase the 21 Day Clear Skin Challenge package between February 3rd and March 30. Make sure to purchase early enough to use for 21 days before our drawing on April 13th.
2.)Take a before picture of your face prior to using the products, then use the products consecutively for 21 days.
3.) Take an after picture of your face on the morning after your 21st day of using the products. 
4.) Email your before and after pictures to us at with the Subject: 21 Day Challenge. Make sure to include your First and Last Name, your Age, your Phone Number and Email Address along with your before and after photos. If the 21 Day Clear Skin Challenge package was purchased by someone other than you, please include the name of the purchaser in your email to verify your purchase. 

How It Works:

On April 13th, we will announce the winners of the challenge. Ms.Wilson will personally select 6 winners as follows:
  • 2 Teens, one male and one female, ages 13 -18
  • 2 Adults, one male and one female, ages 19-30
  • 2 Seniors, one male and one female, ages 55+

What You Win:

1.) A customized e-commerce website to sell your products online. You own the site and we train you how to use it! 
2.) A total of 100 skin care products to stock your online store. You will be able to choose 100 of 1 single item or mix and match from the following list of items:
  • No More Dark Circles Eye Cream
  • Lip Lightener
  • 1oz Amazing Day Cream
  • 1oz Night Exfoliation Lotion
  • 1oz Dark Spot Corrector
  • 1oz Eczema Oil 
  • Acne Soap Yellow
  • Acne Soap Orange
  • 1oz Clay Mask
  • 1oz Dead Sea Charcoal Detox Face Scrub
3.) You will receive 25 samples of your products to give away to your customers. 



You must purchase and use the 21 Day Clear Skin Challenge Package for 21 days in order to qualify.
You must send your before and after pictures with the required information, in order to qualify to win. 
All before and after photos must be taken against a white wall, with no filters and no writing added to the images. All images should be clear with decent lighting. Blurry or grainy images can not be accepted. 
All teens ages 13-18 must have a parents permission and parents' information must be included in the email entry. 


Glow Skin Enhancement's team will design the e-commerce website for the selected winners and transfer ownership. Glow Skin Enhancement will provide a training session to complete the set up of the store and teach new owner how to operate the store. Glow Skin Enhancement is not responsible for maintaining the e-commerce store after transfer.
The winner will have 100 of the selected items available for purchase online. After the items have sold out, winners will be responsible for purchasing more items to restock their online store.  

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