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Glow Skin Enhancement Sample 7-14 Day Sample
 GSE Anti-Aging Face Soap Pink or Tan Piece Bar, 1/4 oz Amazing Day Cream & 1/4 oz Night Exfoliation Lotion. This package is just a sample and will last about 7-14 days depending on how you use it. This sample will give your skin a quick introduction of how our products work. This sample pack will ensure a need to make your additional purchase to further enhance your skin to a Flawless Radiant Glow. This package includes:
  • Day & Night Sample Bar Soap 

  • Products packaging varies we use substitute container when out of stock of original containers. Your package will come include either a Pink or Tan soap included Restore, Renew & Enhance your face each morning & night. 
Work up a lather and gently massage onto face neck and ears. Leave on for 5 minutes, then wipe in a circular motion with white soft face cloth thoroughly. Use morning and night for best results. Keep soap on a dry paper towel after each use.
*Try our face soap either morning or night instead of the charcoal day and night wash.  Amazing!
  •  Amazing Day Moisturizer Cream

100% Paraben and preservative free. Packed with advanced ingredients for skin healing, skin rejuvenation, and skin restoration. 100% Non-greasy formula. (Store in room temperature environment).
  •  Night Exfoliation Lotion Cream

This Night Exfoliation Lotion will give your skin a more youthful look with a Flawless Radiant Glow. This night exfoliation lotion will remove hyper pigmentation, minimize pores & diminish fine lines. This product will gently resurface your skin texture to a smooth baby bottom look and feel. This product is designed for night use only. 
This lightweight lotion works quickly to refine an uneven skin tone and revitalize a dull complexion for visibly brighter, radiant-looking skin.
  • Anti-Aging
  • For All Skin Types
  • Replenishing antioxidants brighten & revitalize skin
  • Instantly restores skin’s radiance for a luminous, healthy glow
  • Lightweight lotion texture
  • Use night only

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